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If you sense that life could be more satisfying than it is, that you could feel better about yourself, less stressed, more easily able to use your potential and reach the goals you set for yourself, then our services could be for you. 

If you'd like to feel more effective and comfortable in your relationships, to stop repeating non-productive patterns with your mate or children, parents, co-workers, friends. You want to be better at communicating and resolving conflicts, then you might want to consider using our services. 

If current stressors are getting you down. You find yourself anxious or depressed, in a rut at work or school, having trouble concentrating or sleeping, fighting with your family, not taking care of yourself physically, and generally under the weather. You should come see us. 

Perhaps life has handed you an unfair burden, and you're tired of feeling victimized by the present or the past. Maybe you grew up in an alcoholic or otherwise difficult family, were abused as a child or adolescent, or perhaps other hurts and memories from your childhood continue to haunt you as you try to make life work for you as an adult. 

Maybe you've always been interested in what makes people tick, and you'd like to understand yourself better. You would like to be clearer about how you got to be the way 
you are or why certain experiences trigger feelings that seem to come from nowhere. 

These are some of the reasons that lead people to seek help through individual psychotherapy. Perhaps some of them apply to you or you have wondered whether you might benefit from psychotherapy. Maybe you've gotten the name of The New York Counseling and CSW Service, P.C. from a friend but never made the call, or you're concerned that only really "sick" or "crazy" people go to therapy or you worry about what to tell your friends or family should you decide to go. We hope that this information will help you to understand more about the experience of psychotherapy-about what it can do, and about its potential use to you as a way of creating changes in your life. 

First and foremost, individual psychotherapy is a means of learning to understand yourself better and of helping you make changes you want to make in yourself and in your relationships. Therefore therapy is something that many people can profit from at some time in their lives. In fact, you may know people among your relatives, friends, and associates who may have engaged in and benefited from psychotherapy. Life is, after all, stressful. How well many of us cope with all the demands made of us and the changes we must go through and how well we maintain our confidence and self-esteem in the process) depends on many factors such as our constitution, our stage of life, the current context of our life, values that color our experience of life events, and especially our experiences growing up. 

Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery that can help us learn how to deal more effectively with stressful external events and how to feel more comfortable with ourselves and with some of the tensions that come from inside. The process is one that helps people get "unstuck" and facilitates the course of normal development. The end result of individual psychotherapy is often an improvement in health and in general well-being. Some people feel uneasy, anxious, or ashamed at the prospect of asking for help from a therapist, and some initially feel afraid that seeking help is an admission of weakness or even incompetence. Once the process begins, however, most people discover that their fears subside, and they are profoundly relieved at having begun. People of any age can grow and profit from the psychotherapy experience. There is no "wrong" time to begin. 

About How Individual Psychotherapy Works

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