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THE NEW YORK COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE SERVICE was founded in 1971.  The first class of the Psychoanalytic Training Institute began in 1978, and we received our absolute charter from the New York State Board of Regents in 1994.  

The Institute’s two year course of study offers intensive training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  Our goal is to provide graduates of the program with a strong foundation in psychodynamic theory which is thoroughly integrated with clinical practice.  The curriculum embraces the four psychologies of psychoanalysis:

••Freudian Drive Theory
••Ego Psychology
••Self Psychology
••Object Relations

Courses in the technique of psychotherapy and supervised work with patients in our clinic provide students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the practical task of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The academic year is divided into three trimesters.  There are two courses given in each trimester of the first year and three courses in each trimester of the second year.  The additional course in the second year is a case presentation seminar designed to allow students to observe the process of therapy over a period of time in a variety of patients.

In the technique courses, students will learn about transference, resistance, countertransference, the listening process and the use of therapeutic interventions as they apply to personality structure, diagnosis and the treatment process itself.  Courses in the treatment of the various personality disorders are also part of the curriculum.

Students who successfully complete their training at the NYCGS will be fully prepared for practice.  There are opportunities for clinic referrals throughout the two years of training and upon graduation all the students’ cases are transferred to their private practices.  An ongoing affiliation with the Institute provides a continuing source of patient referrals.

Applicants must have the minimum of a Master’s Degree in social work No previous psychotherapy is required.  However, a minimum of 300 hours of personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy must be completed prior to graduation.  Students are strongly encouraged to be in treatment throughout their training and to have twice weekly sessions for the second year at the Institute.

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